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I am a writer, passionate educator, parent and student advocate and activist for public education. I am a doctoral candidate in special education and brain-based teaching, learning and leadership. 

Day Ive lost count 3/6/15

I think owning a dog should also be called a "practice." Like medicine everything you do with a dog is an educated guess. Unlike medicine, the dog can't TELL you what is happening. You have to search for clues. Sage has had a minor setback that we think is related to a CHICKEN allergy. Her eyes got goopy again and she is losing weight. We have switched to an all beef dog food diet and put the chicken on hold. This is day 3 on all beef and today I upped her to 3 pounds a day. I threw in a little organic coconut oil to see if she might like it. Dumb question.

Her tummy is grumbling and gurgling after dinner tonight, but she seems very content. Her water intake continues to go down but the scratching is back up. Maybe its the beef? Like I said, we will keep practicing!!! Many thanks to Kristi at Green Earth for her mentorship. She is watching Sage's improvements (and little setbacks) and sharing her experiences! We may need another run to Asheville! Perhaps it is time to use the chicken and switch our other dog to raw!!! We will know in a few days! Thanks for reading and following Sage!