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I am a writer, passionate educator, parent and student advocate and activist for public education. I am a doctoral candidate in special education and brain-based teaching, learning and leadership. 

Day 12 3/7/15

MUCH better day! Sage is scratching MUCH less today. Her eyes are still a bit goopy but she is more alert. I think we have located the culprit! Who knew it could be the chicken?!?! KRISTI at GREEN EARTH PET FOOD! She knew exactly what it was. How on earth did I find such an amazing person who loves my dog as much as I do to help me!?! Divine intervention!
Sticking with 3 pounds of beef bow wow food today and I will give an update tomorrow! Not sure if we are going to risk trying pork at this point. But the possibility of introducing an brand new protein may be a good idea as her allergy may be even less to pork! It looks like a trip to Asheville this week for more Bow Wow Beef (and turkey feet too!!!).