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I am a writer, passionate educator, parent and student advocate and activist for public education. I am a doctoral candidate in special education and brain-based teaching, learning and leadership. 

Day 19 3/14/15

What a crazy week! Sage was adjusting to her beef only diet but it was very slow. She managed to scratch her face pretty badly and we decided on a Benedryl intervention. It worked. After a trip to Green Earth Pet Food we are back on track! I think the Benedryl may have kickstarted the healing process once again. She has lost a good bit of weight, but we will get it back. Green Earth worked with us to turn our chicken into beef. We even got a little pork to try LATER! We aren't going to risk another reaction!!
Sage is definitely allergic to chicken! Green Earth made up a batch of pure Bow Wow Beef without any possible allergens. Sage is a new dog! Very minimal scratching after 2 days. She is resting more but I think she is exhausted from scratching all the time. Her skin is less red again. She is back on 2#s a day of the Beef ONLY. Again this is a practice. Finding what it is that is setting off her immune system has been a challenge. I am so grateful that Green Earth - Kristi - has been there with me. A vet would have just drugged Sage. We will have a healthy happy girl!

A few more days on the beef and she will be ready for her favorite new treat! A turkey foot! Once again I cannot thank Green Earth Pet Food enough for caring so much about their customers! I cannot wait to bring Green Earth to the Atlanta market! Or, at least, to all my friends!!