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Back on track!!

We got Sage moved over to all beef food and she is doing well. She has lost some weight as her body adjusts to the high protein diet. Poor girl was so used to the poison we fed her that her body is having to really adjust. The wonderful folks at Green Earth Pet Food mixed up a batch of food and removed every possible allergen. We were told it could get worse before it gets better, and it did. The turkey feet had to be stopped. I guess a chicken allergy also means a turkey allergy. Even 2 days with one turkey foot treat set us back two weeks! Probiotics were added and we saw even more improvement. Today we add pumpkin to see if we can put some weight back on her. We have added Coconut oil ( 1 T a day) as her treat. She loves it and it is helpful in fighting the itchies. Her skin is not as flaky and we are NOT seeing the dander dust on EVERYTHING anymore! 
We are back in the right direction!!! MANY thanks to Kristi at Green Earth, who has lived through every one of my silly panic moments. She has been calm and helpful and EVERY suggestion has worked! 
I will report back on the pumpkin!! 
PS. I swear I can see tiny fuzzy hair growth in spots. Hubby says Im nuts....We will see!!! Pictures soon!