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I am a writer, passionate educator, parent and student advocate and activist for public education. I am a doctoral candidate in special education and brain-based teaching, learning and leadership. 

Slow and steady!

Sage lost a good bit of weight during this transition but I feel like we are finally back into a good pattern. She is still scratching but her skin is not as flakey and Im not having to dust every single day! She is eating 2 to 3 pounds of beef food or grind (alternating days) with a can of pumpkin added. She also gets a tablespoon of coconut oil along with a probiotic (and egg shell on grind days). We are working on some vitamins to help her goopy eyes. Now that we have the insides on a healing pattern we are working on the outside with baths every week to soothe her skin and try to get some of the yeast off. I think she is going to always be allergic to the world and this will be a constant fight. We still do an occasional Benedryl booster but no more than once a month. It seems to help with her eyes. She is back to drinking a good bit of water, but not as much as she used to. I wash her face twice a day just to keep her eyes clear. You can see in the picture she scratches her face occasionally. Her left eye seems to be always be much worse than her right. 

This is just going to take some time. Hang with us! Her attitude has definitely changed and she seems happy again.